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DragolinDesign specialiseert zich verder in Webdesign & SEO optimalisatie én aan een betaalbare prijs. Hiermee richt DragolinDesign zijn diensten meer op zelfstandigen en KMO's die de grote budgetten niet kunnen voorleggen om een dure firma in te huren.

The new bakery website is finished and can be found under the projects page. This was a fairly quick process which I was able to work on after my hours.

The bakery is really pleased and is using the website independently now, which was the intention! Learning curve for them was kept really small so they could start 'playing around' really quickly, adding new products etc.

Up to the next website.

I've uploaded a summary of past commissions so you can get an idea of past references. This includes custom signatures, posters, logo's and websites etc. Find out more in the 'About' or 'Portfolio' sections.

DragolinDesign has moved to its proper url and hosting. This means the qualitative and custom service for webdesign, logo and poster design will of course remain the same or be improved even more! The new website is now online, so stay tuned for more changes and the layout/design update.