Once you have your website (and possibly your new corporate identity), you will need to think beyond your own computer screen. How are customers going to find your website and interact with it. The possibilities are endless!

DragolinDesign has a large online experience in SEO, e-marketing and advertising. We can help your company to select the right marketing campaign, get listed on all the search engines and even on google maps! We can help you select the right content for your pages so they become more appealing to your visitors and improve your ranking on search engines. Statistics are provided on your website and the search keywords to continuously improve your performance.

You will need to think about targetting customers. Will you use a specific language or geographic region to improve your ranking and click-through-rate? DragolinDesign will guide you to setup the best e-campaign!

Optimising your website is something we will need to do together. DragolinDesign will explain you how to improve your ranking on search engines through better keywords, titles, tags, links and most importantly content. We will also show you the increase in leads converting into your goal (e.g. contact or buying product) in order to show the results!