Websites can be completely different on the outside (what the browser outputs) & on the inside (the mechanics behind the scenes) and it is therefore important that you think for yourself what functionality your website really needs. As more features normally mean a higher price, it might be advantageous to skip a few fancy features you don't really need. Below is a summary of factors you should consider when commissioning a website:

Decision factors:

Type of website?

The first and most important question you should ask yourself: what type of website do I need? If you require a simple and clean static website to display your basic information and a way to contact your business, DragolinDesign can easily custom design you a flexible css website to display all that. This type of website requires a content update only when your business changes products or location. This is the cheapest version as no additional functionality is required.

However if you want to be able to put content into your website, such as news items (need to be submitted each time), a static website might not be enough for you. Then you'll need to look into content management system designs.

Content management system?

An other important factor is whether or not you want to be able to easily edit content and add news/pages to your website in the future. This is referred to as a content management system (CMS). When you don't know anything about source codes or how to edit them, then CMS is a good option for you. Once you log in, you will get an intuitive interface where you can type in text and once submitted, it will appear on your desired page. Easy on-page 'edit' links are provided to the site administrator for your convenience.

If you are able to edit your pages directly in the html or php code, then you can save a big cost on the CMS. However all the additional functionality will be gone as well.

Multilingual website?

Does your website need to support several languages (such as our website)? DragolinDesign can provide this service and even the site admin interface can be in your preferred language. Do you want to use one domain name for all the languages or do you want seperate extensions for each language (e.g. .de for German)? And easy settings what to do in case a translation is not provided.

Enable users?

Does your website require several users to login and communicate? Do they need to edit content and post news as well? For example the PR manager wants to post news items every month, the product manager wants to update the price on one of his products etc. DragolinDesign can provide these features, but of course this requires the CMS module to be selected as well.

Domain name and hosting?

Does your company have a domain name (e.g. www dot yourcompany dot com) and hosting package already, maybe you currently have a website but are not satisfied? Or are you starting from scratch and want to explore the online world in a presentable and marketable way? Then DragolinDesign can take care of your domain registration and hosting, so you don't have to worry about the technicalities.

Search engine optimisation?

Do you want your website to score high on the search engines such as google? This will result in customers finding your business online, in increased traffic to your website and of course to increased business revenue! Then search engine optimisation (SEO) might be a good strategy for you. DragolinDesign has experience with SEO and will optimise your website so google will be able to index your website and use the right keywords so potential customers can find your website.


Do you want to be able to send out a quarterly newsletter including content on your website and/or customised for different users? Then adding newsletter functionality to your website might be required. DragolinDesign can set this up for you given that the CMS module is selected as well.

A new logo as well?

Is your search for a new website the start of a new corporate identity? Then a new and fresh logo design can help you achieve this very goal. DragolinDesign offers both services combined or seperately. You specify the look and feel of your logo and DragolinDesign will offer a custom logo to represent your companies values!